Polyphonic Pitch Detector
Featured: Polyphonic Pitch Visualizer

See your music live

An interactive spectrogram that can instantly detect the note and chord(!) you are playing. Get a glimpse at the physics of sound while jamming or practicing.
Featured: Soundman

Spit fire with your Voice

Your neck extends with pitch. If you can hold your pitch, Soundman spits fire to catch flies. Finally you face-off the Goblin - match his exact pitch to win.
Piano FunFun
Featured: Sine Piano

Play the Piano on your Keyboard

Face the music. Works well with the spectrogram from above. Sing a song, remember the notes, play it on the piano. +Detects your chords. Edit: In some browsers the keys might get stuck...I'll fix it at some point
Machine Learning ladila
Some Fun with Machine Learning

Deep pose estimation from 2D phone video

Code somewhere on my Github
3D Chemistry
Atom Flight

Game-based Learning. Explore Atombonding in 3D

Code somewhere on my Github -- as well as an Oculus Rift VR version. Proof of Concept – still in development mode.